Who we are 

We are not the typical digital marketing agency and we believe that is a good thing. We don’t say that because of our work culture (a flat organisation that values personal accountability and that is 100% remote), but because of what that culture allows us to do. We can focus on what really matters: getting work done in a smarter way and nailing your brand’s search presence.

Our mission

Our mission is to use digital in a smarter way. That means being agile and producing work that makes a difference.

We make this possible through…

Our values

We praise honesty and transparency, and we like to say things as they are. Honesty is one of the pillars of our business and work culture, and we like to be frank amongst ourselves and with our clients. Another thing we praise is freedom. Freedom to be wherever we want to be, to work when we’re more productive and not when we’re told to, to try out new ideas. This works well because all of us are ambitious. We won’t stay behind because of our freedom, instead we’ll use it to be one step ahead. We do that by being curious individuals, self motivated and self learners, but also by learning with each other and by getting together in relevant conferences. We might attend conferences to know what’s happening in the industry, but we try to be open-minded to all ideas and be critical thinkers. Above all, we like to be smart.
Smart creatives, smart work, smart living.

Our culture

We work remotely and we are a flat organisation. We don’t have an office and everyone in 90 works from wherever they want,  we believe this improves our lives and the quality of the work that we do. And we don’t believe in micro management, we prefer to hire smart creatives, independent thinkers who love making something better.

Our people

We’re an interesting mix of people and we see ourselves as a team of experts. We all have different areas of expertise but they complement each other, and they touch different areas of digital marketing. All of us have a different background and we bring different skills to the table, but we have a few things in common: we all have a lot of experience in our field and we’re always on top of what’s happening.

The way we work

Distributed workforce

As long as we have a good connection, a decent laptop and video, we can be wherever we want to be

The tools

We don’t share the same office, but we make sure we have the right tools to make communication and the workflow as smooth as possible. The tools that make this possible:

  • Skype for meetings and quick check ups
  • Google Docs to organise all the work
  • Google Hangouts for group calls
  • Breeze for project management
  • Slack to be in contact with everyone in the team.